Behind the Light: presentation at MIC – Interactive Museum of Cinema

On Sunday, October 24th at 4:00 PM “Behind the Light: The Extraordinary Life of Luca Comerio”, the applied game developed by Idra Interactive Studios from an original idea by Cineteca Milano will be presented at MIC – Interactive Museum of Cinema in Milan. The applied game is focused on the adventurous life of the cinema pioneer Luca Comerio. It will also be possible to play it for the first time and experience first-hand the adventurous life of the famous Italian photographer, filmmaker, director, pioneer of documentary cinema, and film industry Luca Comerio (1878-1940). He documented the First World War as a photojournalist, he experimented with all the most innovative shooting techniques, including Kinemacolor to reproduce colors, and he has been a reckless and adventurous witness of History who met the greatest exponents of the early Twentieth Century. Cineteca Milano preserves a collection of its precious films that it has digitally restored, as a fundamental heritage of Italian Cinema.

Speakers: Matteo Pavesi, Director of Cineteca di Milano and Interactive Museum of Cinema; Marco Accordi Rickards, Director of VIGAMUS Foundation