Idra Interactive Studios announces Code#DNA at devcom 2020

On Tuesday, August 25th at 5:30 PM, Vigamus Academy and Idra Interactive Studios unveiled Code#DNA at devcom digital conference 2020. Code#DNA is an applied game developed by the Botany Department of the University of Rome Tor Vergata and its Center of Molecular Anthropology for the Study of Ancient DNA.

In Code#DNA, we will play the role of Emma (fictional character), a young molecular anthropologist who is researching different scientific cases studying the ancient genetic code of multiple finds and human remains.

All the locations in the game are real archeological sites where actual research on ancient DNA has been performed: Lazzaretto Nuovo in Venice (where a woman was buried in the 16th century), Grotta Guattari in San Felice Circeo (discovery site of the rests of a Neanderthal man), Siberia (where Emma will experience an investigation on the existence of the legendary Yeti), the Seville Cathedral (theoretically the burial place of Cristoforo Colombo) and San Fermo Maggiore, a Church in Verona (considered the burial site of a Great Knight Templar). Among the explorable places there is also the main lab, fully inspired by the Center of Molecular Anthropology for the Study of Ancient DNA of the Biology Department at the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

Each location will give players the chance to explore a site, with different puzzles to solve in order to obtain details and answers, highlighting the combination of education and interactive games. Code#DNA provides a unique vision of the field of research of Molecular Anthropology equipping the player with accurate scientific information and exciting mysteries to solve.

The speakers in the panel at devcom digital conference 2020 were Micaela Romanini (Head of International Relationships in VIGAMUS Academy), Raoul Carbone (Idra Interactive Studios and Studio V), and Guglielmo De Gregori (Lead designer, IDRA Interactive Studios and Studio V). Marco Accordi Rickards (Advisory Board, devcom) was the moderator.